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Suzanne Mayborne took our 6 year old border collie family member away on August 4, 2011 just because she could. The legal thing was done...not the right thing!

He was in our care for 17 months. He was properly vetted, properly registered, given daily exercise and groomed at least 3 times a week all while he had the best family life possible with 2 kids to love and bond with.

Everyone in the situation was lied too. However it still came down to Shoreland Kennels decision to take back what she owned, breaking the hearts of our family, to put him back in the kennel life so she could make some money off of him.

Due to the fight that we put up, Bob got 3 more glorious weeks of enormous love and non-kennel life. We think about Bob on a daily basis, he is gone from our family but NEVER FORGOTTEN. Please do not support her heartless ways!!


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This dog was never legally owned by this family!They refused to give him back after Edelweiss Kennels illegally gave the dog to them.

This dog was given to Edelweiss kennel as a finished champion for a junior handler to enjoy and show.He was under a contract that was breached by Edelweiss!


If it was the fault of a third party, not the family with the dog, shouldn't you have taken it up with them?Get cash, or sue them.

It's not the families fault, they and Bob are blameless. You taking it out on them, not the person in breach of contract, seams selfish, and childish. GROW UP!

There were other ways to handle this, I hope you loose something AND someone close to you, so you understand what you put that poor family through, and poor Bob who both, did NOTHING wrong to you, and sure as he'll didn't breach a contract with you.Grow up and go after the ppl really at fault!!!


To the people whom posteed this, what happened to this other dog dying in a hot car that they claimed??? WhOs dog was that one and why did it end up dying in a hot car??


So sad.I hope your family is able to find another loving dog.

Thank you for exposing this kennel for its heartless ways. She should have done what was right for the dog, which is keeping him with a family who loves him - not using him for her own financial means or sending him to a kennel!! Many breeders (especially show breeders in the Border Collie world) I've sadly learned first hand are all about the allmighty dollar. They will dispose of a dog in a heartbeat once it fails its hip rating or if they find they can't make money off of it.

If they were truly in it for the well being of the dogs, they would know that a dog is a LIFETIME commitment.How can these breeders state on their websites that owning a dog is a lifetime commitment when they can't make that commitment themselves?!

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LIES. LIES and more LIES!

to Anonymous #632575

Prove me wrong then.


Bob's hips are bad and he's been used over and over again.Such a sad thing to make more puppies with the possibility of having bad hips too.

This seems to be a common practice of shoreland kennels.

All about the dollar.:sigh


WOW!!I am pretty sure that Su would not have put the money into championing a dog with bad hips.

I know the integrity of this woman as she has gone out of her way to help me.

I dont think that a person who has replied has any CLUE what it costs to CH a dog.Can you guys afford to give away $15000.00 out of the kindness of your heart just to have the animal given away again?????

to Kasey Mora #632577

LOL!! Betty's hips are bad, even though she's taken her here and there to different vets to have hips done and to get the same results.


This is not true.These people were given a dog that we owned.

I have proof of the ownership, and they never owned the dog. Bob was a champion and stollen from us! I hope that people look into the facts instead of listening to these lies!

I wish this website would look into the facts before allowing people to put just anything up on their site.:eek

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