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the poor 50 something dogs sue has trapped there live covered in their ***. are stuck in a 9x13 foot cage only get fed 2 to 3 small cups once a day.

are forced to run through and eat ***. she breeds dogs way too young and way too old. and when the puppies are born if they survive long enough they get ripped from their mother before 6 weeks.

horrible place with no air curculation so the ammonia is so strong its hard to breath. i do not recommend.

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Lies, Lies, and more Lies. These dogs live on 40 acres and have their own dog park.

Have a gorgeous home to live in. Creek running through the property for dogs to swim in.

They have experienced hired help which help groom, exercise, socialize, clean, and help feed the dogs. All dogs in very healthy and happy conditions.


I work at this facility. Not true. So full of lies.

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