Border Collies & Australian Shepherd Breeder...

Sold me and many others.. sick puppies and also with Birth Defects.

This breeder has on may occasion gotten away with not replacing puppies to families.

I am one of these families !

I payed upfront for a border collie puppy--health guarantee--shipping crate--and airline passage

what i recieved was a very sick puppy---5 pounds under weight from health guarantee---Tape Worms-- 2 eye infections--dehydrated----and 2 birth defects in its eyes !!

this is not a healthy puppy !!!

Shoreland Kennel would not take back puppy for replacement unless i payed another shipping back to them with health certificate--crate- and airline ticket !

since I payed for a healthy puppy----i feel that Shoreland Kennel should pay for return of puppy and ship me another puppy at their expense since they sold me a very sick pup !

they would not pay for return of puppy and they would not send me a replacement pup unless i payed



feels that they do not need to "fix" this problem and send me a replacement puppy of my choice or repay me my fees spent--$ 2,000.00 dollars

i have vet reports and lots of bills to prove my case but Shoreland Kennel has found a way to wiggle-out of replacement----if i dont pay to ship back sick puppy and pay to recieve new puppy--i dont get new puppy so says..........PAY PAL !!! THEY ARE THE COMPANY I USED TO MAKE ORIGINAL PAYMENT!! PayPal says i have to pay all transportation fees.. X's 3 !! thats original purchase---return shipping and then shipping back to me ( thats..AIRLINE TICKETS !!) 3 of them for one puppy!!

BETWEEN SHORELAND KENNEL AND PayPal that is way over $1,000.00 dollars and quite crazy !







it has been over a year now and i have not had any word from Shoreland Kennel ! I am still waiting for my puppy to be replaced.

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Apparently, you neglected to read what is a standard contract. That is why PayPal agreed with the breeder.

Sorry your pup has health issues, but at least you were offered a replacement, per the contract you signed before you got the dog. Try getting a replacement from a pet store.


I too had a bad experience with this breeder. My dog came very underweight and had multiple health issues.

He was supposed to have come with a health certificate... never did see that. Spent over 2 thousand dollars on vet bills his first visit. Contacted her and she said I could send him back and she'd send me another.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We are talking about a dog here. A living creature for God's sake. There is no way I would ever have sent him back to what I can only assume is a horrible facility.

We almost sued. If Shoreland reads this thank your lucky stars we didn't. He continues to have allergies, gum issues (they have had to pull multiple teeth) and almost constant stomach issues. DO NOT GET A DOG FROM HER!

If you do, go ahead and consider it a rescue because that is basically what you are doing. My rescued stray is healthier than this dog.


I too purchased a dog from Shoreland Kennel of Illinois - Suzanne (Sue) Mayborne. When I got the first aussie BMM back in April of 2008 I too did not receive any documentation. He was suppose to be a 'SHOW QUALITY' dog and ended up having a "rye ***" She didn't have any trouble cashing my checks totalling $1000.

The short story is Sue came to New Mexico for some AKC shows in September 2008 and brought the replacement aussie BTM - but once again NO CONTRACT, REGISTRATION PAPERS OR HEALTH/VACCINATION CERTIFICATES plus when I finally did receive the registration papers she signed as co-owner........ :( :( :( :( And now I can't get her off the papers even after full filling the 'verbal agreement of obtaining A , single, title (i.e. obedience, conformation, agility or herding) - I did accomplish an ASCA CH and now she changed her mind, like she does so frequently, to wanting a dual championship AKC/ASCA. I am an owner/handler and I purchased this dog to bring into my breeding program, and since I have invested thousands of dollars in showning and doing health tests on him.....and she says 'if you are that unhappy with him, send him back!'

Let me ask you WHY WOULD I SEND A DOG BACK TO HER FOR HIM TO LIVE IN A KENNEL AREA WITH NUMBEROUS OTHER DOGS IN THE SAME RUN AND TO USE HIM AS A MONEY MAKING MACHINE because all of his genetic testing that I have paid for are ALL NORMAL/NORMAL - that's what she wants......

Let me tell you HE IS NOT GOING BACK!!!!

From a shy,scared puppy in September 2008 to an outgoing young dog that is now traing for obedience and herding....

I know she has done this to others across the world....Yo se que ella esta hacendo el mismo *** ustedes. Por favor manda una carta a AKC y ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) para ayuda nosotros. Gracias.

Please if you know anyone else that is in this same situation or worse urge them to contact the AKC/ASCA so we can get our dogs in our names as we orignally purchased them for.....NOT CO-OWNED WITH A LIAR!!!!

to Taken in Southern New Mexico #671914

Watch out, if you buy a dog and she manages to co own it, she will let you do all the hard work (clearances, showing) and then she will figure out a way to take it from you. I can't count the number of people this has happened to. Be careful.


Shoreland Kennel is in Illinois. Do not buy from her.


Unfortunately Sue started out with wonderful great working Golden retreivers. For a time her reputation as a dog person was impeccable.

When she was drawn into conformation with aussies And bcs, her breeding philosophy And focus really changed!!$ At any one time she would 4-6 litters. I speak from personal experience & have many examples of shoeland's questionable and.

Unethical practices.

I bet that Sue has her name on 50-75 dogs (co owned) in addition to her dogs. It really is sad situation.


A friend has a dog from shoreland kennel bought as a show dog and they paid $2500 as of course shoreland Jack's up the price out of country yet can't sell a pet for $200 in the USA. And they have been waiting over a year for a replacement as the dog has 5 missing teeth.

Obviously can't be shown because of that. Shoreland Kennel is a disgrace and now that she is in trouble with AKC pounding at her door I bet a lot of dogs will be killed or she will transfer them to a friend or family member with a contract stating they are still hers but they only get their names on them or something ***


It is highly improbable that there are this many complaints/comments, if Shoreland Kennels' breeding and business practices are on the level. People who purchase puppies, that is healthy puppies, don't generally take the time to make complaints on the internet.

People who have paid for a healthy puppy, but rather receive a unhealthy puppy usually will make their dissatisfaction known. There is truth in these peoples complaints. Breeders fill their "health warranties" with wording that allows them to get out of being responsible for any health problems/defects of puppies they sell, obviously by design. I have seen warranties that state that the breeder can come at anytime after the sale of the puppy to the buyer's home and inspect the conditions the puppy is living in, then if they find it unsatisfactory they can remove the puppy at that time.!

Seriously, after you purchase your puppy and bring it home, you may get a knock on your door and the breeder decides to take your puppy back without a refund or perhaps a valid reason! Talk about a scam! I have seen where the breeder has a condition of the warranty that if you can no longer keep your dog, you have to return the dog back to the breeder without compensation or you can rehome the dog with the breeder's approval only! When I buy something, anything, it is mine.

What becomes of it is up to me and me only, not the original vendor of the product.

I have learned all of this the hard way. I have a 6 month old puppy who has a genetic disorder and a birth defect. My puppy is from Wicks Silver Labs.

She is a "silver lab". My husband and I have gotten absolutely nowhere with trying to enforce our "health warranty" and this breeder Pat Wickliffe (Springfield,OH) has done everything to AVOID being responsible for the inferior breeding he practices. He has even gone so far as to tell us we have "voided" our warranty, however he has never given us an explanation on how we allegedly did this. March 14,2012 he told us he could no longer communicate with us on the advice of his "attorney".

He stated we would hear from his so called attorney "very soon". We have yet to hear from any attorney. Just an excuse not to have to answer our communications. He promised us a replacement puppy in Jan.

2012- we are still waiting. He has sold THREE litters since Jan. and has never contacted us to replace our puppy. In my opinion, these so called "breeders" have no more knowledge about the science of breeding than the people who buy them (who trust their so called expertise).

What these "breeders" do have is the knowledge of how to, and lack of morals and values to lie/cheat and still be able to look at themselves in the mirror while they count their cash. When you get taken on an inanimate item it is bad enough, but when it comes to puppies the emotional price is far too high. And that is exactly what the "breeders" count on! We will never buy from any "breeder" again.

If I am going to take my chances and put my heart (and money) on the line, it will be with a rescue dog/puppy. And if enough people did this, it would hurt these scamming "breeders" where it would really get them-- in their profits. A wise old doctor that I worked with years ago told me, "Don't trust anyone but your mother.

And watch her too." Best life advice I have ever been given. Too bad I didn't heed it when my husband wanted a new dog!


We hold up our contract and go above and beyond to make our buyers happy. There is always a replacement puppy offered in most cases, but the travel expenses on the replacement must be covered by the buyer.

If people have a problem they need to notify us instead of trying to bad mouth us publicly. As you can see in our website our dogs are very successful all over the world in all venues.

to S***land Kennel Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #779117

I am not sure what you've been smoking when you wrote this. VERY few of your dogs are health tested and only God knows who has bred who in your kennel situation of several dogs in the same kennel.

A friend of mine purchased a dog from you that you knew it was probable that it would be a CNS carrier. Well my friend did the hips,finished the dog and then oh my all of a sudden you ''suggested'' they have the testing done. Well YES you guessed it the dog was found to be a carrier, and yes while a carrier can be bred to a non carrier, my friend will not take the chance on breeding this dog, so they have a VERY nice dog that she won't breed due to chances of more carriers. If ONLY YOU had had these scruples.

Sue, you have lost your mind where your breeding practices are concerned. Please STOP this insanity!!!

to S***land Kennel #1107417

It's hard to notify someone when they won't return your phone call. This is from personal experience. Very unprofessional.


We hold up our contract and go above and beyond to make our buyers happy. There is always a replacement puppy offered in most cases, but the travel expenses on the replacement must be covered by the buyer.

If people have a problem they need to notify us instead of trying to bad mouth us publicly. As you can see in our website our dogs are very successful all over the world in all venues.

to S***land Kennel #671445

You keep the puppies that are show quality and sell the puppies that have genetic defects.

to S***land Kennel #970197

Why should they buyer have to pay shipping for a replacement puppy? That's NUTS!!!



Shoreland Kennel in Illinois is ran by Suzanne Mayborne so yes this is the same kennel that you were in contact with. I also got a pup from her that had many problems after we first brought him home.

Mange, cataracts developing very very early, a really horrible ear infection in both ears, and he's a very scared jumpy pup like he's been through some hard times. We knew of the medical problems a week after getting him from her, and she answered our calls making us feel like our vet was wrong or that it was never a problem while she had him.

Then her contact stopped with us when we started demanding the AKC papers we were promised. We still to this day have not gotten them.

to ***sumer Detroit, Michigan, United States #649618

You need to contact AKC & ASCA. Tell them you have not received papers.

They WILL help you. :upset


Yes Young that is the one and the same. I have had issues too, not as extreme as we were not giving ours back, but she would not acknowledge the faults he had as an issue.


Where is this kennel located pls. I am in current contact with A Shoreland Kennel in Illinois. Thank you for your help.

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