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So sad to see ignorant people making personal attacks on a very experienced, wonderful breeder. As if breeders try to produce puppies with health problems! If you are looking for a red merle (doesn't say Aussie or BC), that is already a smaller genetic pool. Depending on the time of year, puppies may not have a lot of outside experience. Alone, they may well freeze, that is not diagnostic of hearing problems. I bought a wonderful, loving BC from Sue, and will get my next dog there, when it is time for another. No breeder sets out to produce... Read more

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October 16th, 2009 Sue, tried to sell me a deaf puppy. A red merle border collie. At that time She did have a large yard but nothing fenced for the dogs to run in that I could see. We were not allowed to enter the dog area, but could hear the constant barking and the smell was disgusting. She did not know what puppy we were there to pick up and after bringing out three puppies we found the one. The puppy would not move on the ground. I asked her to please call the puppy the way she calls them to feed them. Sue refused to call the puppy because... Read more

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This can't be true, because I have been to their gorgeous home.. They have 40 acres for the dogs, so it is like their own dog park! Bought the property, and built the home for the dogs! They have hired help that also help with socializing, and caring for the dogs! This is merely one person telling stories that are not true! What a shame that this website even exists. It does nothing but tries to cause problems for people, and create negativity about people. You don't see many kind things on this it is a shame that it exists. Read more

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I wouldn't buy a dog from anywhere else. We love our puppy from Shoreland. Very healthy and playful. Very outgoing, and smart. Learns very quickly. Excellent condition. I would go back to get another one like many people have. Most of the border collie bloodlines go back to Shoreland that are out there winning. Shoreland has been a good mentor and always there for us. They have taken a lot of time answering any questions we have. Their kennel is beautiful. It's a shame a few people have lied and tried to ruin someone that has given... Read more

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do not buy anything from this woman. her dogs are all kenneled in runs and at times as seen by an eyewitness with NO water or food. she has 4-6 dogs in one 4x6 runs and she mixes the aussies and the border collies. so if you are dumb enough to buy something from her have it DNA'd. also whatever you do no matter where you go keep your dog under lock and key. she has broken into hotel rooms and stolen dogs. she has sent her flunkies to dog shows to wait until the owner is not around and they steal the dogs. she steals them and then quickly ships... Read more

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We purchased our border collie from Sue Mayborne a little over 5 years ago. We've noticed recently that Angus has been limping, and last week our vet diagnosed him with hip displasia. This is not the first time we've had issues with Shoreland's dogs. Our 3 year old aussie, Rosie, was very ill when we picked her up from Shoreland. When we arrived at Sue Mayborne's home, she wasn't home and someone took our check and pointed to Rosie- Rosie was sitting in the sun, on blacktop, with a cage around her. She was filthy. She had to be taken to... Read more

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My puppy was sent to me filthy dirty, had Giardia, was sent with contract stating dew claws were removed, which they were NOT. She had an eye infection and her white markings were yellow. She was in horrific condition. Breeder does not return phone calls or emails. She is totally in the breeding business for only the money she can rip you off. She has a terrible reputation from reputable breeders of Border Collies. If only I had known what I now know, I would NEVER purchase anything from this crook. And to top it off, she is an Obedience... Read more

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I purchased my 10 week old Border Collie from Sue Mayborne almost 11 years for $650, she said I could show him if I wanted to. Well, a vet visit revealed a severe overbite, possibly requiring root canals and braces. Of course, by this time we were in love with our Buzzie, so we did nothing to contact Sue at that time. But she did sell him to us without disclosing the defect, and she sold him at the premium price of that time. A few years later our sweet dog was diagnosed with Severe Hip Dyplasia. I called Sue several times to inform her of... Read more

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SHORELAND KENNEL SUZANNE MAYBORNE Illinois Border Collies & Australian Shepherd Breeder... Sold me and many others.. sick puppies and also with Birth Defects. This breeder has on may occasion gotten away with not replacing puppies to families. I am one of these families ! I payed upfront for a border collie puppy--health guarantee--shipping crate--and airline passage what i recieved was a very sick puppy---5 pounds under weight from health guarantee---Tape Worms-- 2 eye infections--dehydrated----and 2 birth defects in its eyes !! this is... Read more

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Suzanne Mayborne took our 6 year old border collie family member away on August 4, 2011 just because she could. The legal thing was done...not the right thing! He was in our care for 17 months. He was properly vetted, properly registered, given daily exercise and groomed at least 3 times a week all while he had the best family life possible with 2 kids to love and bond with. Everyone in the situation was lied too. However it still came down to Shoreland Kennels decision to take back what she owned, breaking the hearts of our family, to... Read more

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